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Only 2 Ways To Reach More High-Value Patients

marketing Feb 02, 2022

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Dear clinic owner/manager,

Thank you for reading this. I know our time is valuable and I will do my very best to earn your trust by getting straight to the point.

So, the purpose of this blog post is to share with you in less than 5 minutes with 5 simple images, exactly what you can be doing right now as a clinic to reach more new and high-value patients.

Think of it as getting an "MBA in Clinic Marketing" and explain it in such a way that even a 12-year-old, a non-English speaker can understand it.


Before we get started, (and because I really want you to take this information seriously) please allow me a moment to briefly introduce myself.

I am the co-founder of a relatively successful dental clinic, (5 doctors / 5 million euros per year) with learnings from 13 years of consulting for more than 126 clinics both small & large across 26 countries to...

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How to schedule more preferred patients

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2022

Problem: You're almost fully booked but are not growing at the rate you want to.

Apart from increasing prices (you can learn more about this favourite technique of ours in our chapter on pricing), here are 6 best practices we use to help clinics get more out of their "fully booked" capacity problems:

We are going to look into best practices on how clinics optimise:

  1. The number of appointments needed: how many times a patient visits the clinic to complete the treatment successfully with the best patient experience.
  2. Attendance ratios & timing: the number of patients who show up at what time for their scheduled treatment session.
  3. The duration of the appointment: the length of specific treatment sessions.
  4. The space available: the amount of treatment space available.
  5. The team available: the number of appropriate team members available.
  6. The type of appointment: which types of appointments have priority over others.

Download our...

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The Accountability Cadence

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2022

The frequency of your communication with your team will equal the level of growth you can achieve as a team.

Why? As clinic owner or leader, your single most important role, along with perhaps performing medical treatments (if you still do them), is the role of the CRO (the chief reminding officer).

Good clinic owners are always doing one of these 3 things whenever they are communicating with their team(s):

  1. Do my people know what they're supposed to do? [Training]
  2. Do they know why? [Motivating]
  3. Are they actually doing it? [Reminding]

Most clinic owners assume that the best way to grow their team is #1.

Good clinic owners take care of #1 and #2 at regular intervals.

But almost every clinic owner forgets about #3.

Telling your team what to do and why to do it is easy. Making things stick—real, lasting change and the reinforcement it requires — that's hard.

Even people that know what to do - need reminding to get it right. A lot of reminding.


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The quarterly / annual clinic team meeting agenda

accountability Jan 11, 2022

If you prefer to consume the content in audio format, you can listen to this article on our podcast here.

Quarterly / Annual Review for your medical practice or clinic

Do you remember the last "great idea" that you tried to implement in your clinic?

How did it turn out? Take a moment to think right now about the last "big improvement" that you thought about but never managed to implement.

What happened there? 

Well, if you're like most clinic owners, this "great idea" slowly suffocated. In-between patients, team motivation issues, technical, legal or other competing priorities in your medical practice and life outside of the clinic, your "great idea" then quietly took a bow and disappeared without anyone noticing, not even you.

If you've done the thought exercise that I mentioned above, you've probably remembered once again that "great idea" you wanted to implement a few months ago. Now you may have decided that it wasn't the right time anyway and that you'll do it sometime...

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The ultimate guide to answering new patient messages

patient messaging Dec 09, 2021

Today we're looking into best practices for responding to messages from potential new patients. And by "messages" we mean emails, SMS as well as live chat across all forms of digital messaging through social media & apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, Youtube - basically everything that's coming into the clinic in written form.

We are going to share with you exactly what to say, when to say it, in what order and share the data on why top clinics do not try to book new patients through messages but through phone calls instead.

Go here to download the checklist and sample questions for your team to have printed out when they answer messages:

The reason why many clinics have a lot of messages but a small number who actually go ahead to book treatment:

Primary Objective: get the new patient enquiry onto a 5-10 min discovery call


Our 2021 clinic data shows that:

From message to treatment, the average conversion is 11.16%

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Clinic Admin Teams - What could you monitor & measure to improve?

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2021

There is no shortage of ideas of what to measure in the world of patient relationship management, so how do you focus on "what matters most?"

In my opinion, the best patient relationship management software out there for the admin team (but I have never found anything like this yet :-)  would track things such as:

  • number of patient messages
    • (for example emails, form submissions, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat messages - basically any written type of conversation created)
  • average time per message
  • average time to answer each message
  • number of patient calls
    • (I consider "walk-ins" & video meetings as a call for sake of simplicity - basically, any "verbal" type of conversation done) 
  • average time per call
  • estimated treatment plan value of patient
  • number of messages/calls per patient
  • number of booked diagnostic/consultation sessions
  • number of cancellations
  • number of no-shows to scheduled appointments
  • average time per patient on the front...
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How do your processes look for the following new patient systems in your clinic?

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

‍While there are many systems you may have developed or inherited already into your medical practice, we here at Clinic Boost focus on the ones that help you grow the fastest:


0. a simple system for tracking, reporting & making decisions on new patient numbers.

The 5 Step New Patient Journey:

1. an exact system for managing the messages of both existing and potential new patients to the best of your ability.

2. an exact system for managing the calls & "walk-ins" of both existing and potential new patients to the best of your ability.

3. an exact system for managing the consultation & diagnostic sessions of both existing and potential new patients to the best of your ability.

4. an exact system for managing the treatment sessions of both existing and new patients to the best of your ability.

5. an exact system for increasing the reviews & testimonials of your...

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