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The quarterly / annual clinic team meeting agenda

accountability Jan 11, 2022

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Quarterly / Annual Review for your medical practice or clinic

Do you remember the last "great idea" that you tried to implement in your clinic?

How did it turn out? Take a moment to think right now about the last "big improvement" that you thought about but never managed to implement.

What happened there? 

Well, if you're like most clinic owners, this "great idea" slowly suffocated. In-between patients, team motivation issues, technical, legal or other competing priorities in your medical practice and life outside of the clinic, your "great idea" then quietly took a bow and disappeared without anyone noticing, not even you.

If you've done the thought exercise that I mentioned above, you've probably remembered once again that "great idea" you wanted to implement a few months ago. Now you may have decided that it wasn't the right time anyway and that you'll do it sometime...

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