The ultimate guide to answering new patient messages

patient messaging Dec 09, 2021

Today we're looking into best practices for responding to messages from potential new patients. And by "messages" we mean emails, SMS as well as live chat across all forms of digital messaging through social media & apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, Youtube - basically everything that's coming into the clinic in written form.

We are going to share with you exactly what to say, when to say it, in what order and share the data on why top clinics do not try to book new patients through messages but through phone calls instead.

Go here to download the checklist and sample questions for your team to have printed out when they answer messages:

The reason why many clinics have a lot of messages but a small number who actually go ahead to book treatment:

Primary Objective: get the new patient enquiry onto a 5-10 min discovery call


Our 2021 clinic data shows that:

From message to treatment, the average conversion is 11.16%

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