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A.I - a new way of optimizing the patient journey

Private practices, clinics and hospitals struggle even more to reach and book high-value patients who go ahead with treatment and recommend your healthcare facility to others.

AI has the power to change that, and we hold the key.

No matter the size or location of your clinic...

...we've brought results to small private practices, clinics and hospitals in over 26 countries

Evidence-based results. 

Our method has attracted 1000s of new patients, resulting in millions of euros in new revenue and generating even more patients through recommendations.

There's more to AI in your clinic than ChatGPT & Talking Robots

Are you really aware of how can AI boost your clinic?

 Patient Acquisition

  • Share personalized videos to boost referrals. (without recording them)
  • Automate personalized multichannel follow-ups for potential patients. (focusing on the most likely to go ahead with treatment)
  • Quickly identify key partnerships for target patients.
  • Generate compelling web & social media content to attract ideal patients.
  • Create brand-aligned visuals appealing to target patients.
  • Optimize ads for cost-effective patient engagement.

 Patient Journey

  • Instantly answer all your messages in your brand voice
  • Automate call handling & intelligent scheduling
  • Improve consultation experience and treatment acceptance rate
  • Personalised treatment planning and management
  • Immediately obtain case studies
  • Automate review collection

 Team Acquisition & Journey

  • Automate videos to inspire employee connections.
  • Send follow-ups to past candidates.
  • Partner with organizations for desired recruits.
  • Create captivating content to attract candidates.
  • AI screens CVs, initiates calls, and handles documentation, interview questions, and candidate assessments.
  • System manages onboarding, training, agendas, and team accountability.

Enhance your clinic's performance, experience, and growth

We help implement the appropriate AI tools into your existing patient acquisition, journey, and team processes in order to improve:


Streamline and automate patient acquisition, thereby saving valuable time and reducing effort.


Enable personalized patient journey experiences, enhancing patient satisfaction.


Provide precise data analysis, improving decision-making and strategy implementation.


Support the growth of patient acquisition efforts, accommodating increasing demand.


Extract valuable insights from patient data, helping you make informed decisions.


Continuously learn and improve, optimizing your patient acquisition strategies.

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We are human too!

Daniel Coulton Shaw

Daniel's practical experience in AI and 15 years in international medical business development enable him to transform healthcare practices into innovative and efficient companies.

He enhances business performance by integrating AI insights into non-medical teams and processes.

With a dual perspective from MIT's Sloan School of Management and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Daniel brings a unique understanding of AI technologies in the context of successful healthcare businesses.


Alex Zakucia

Alex excels in turning initial inquiries into booked patients who become loyal referrers.

Currently enrolled in the AI Brain Trust course, Alex is further deepening his understanding of artificial intelligence.

He has spent countless hours thinking about the impact of AI on patient journeys.

As a result, Alex brings a unique and valuable perspective to the optimization of patient journeys and the overall efficiency of healthcare facilities.


"AI has allowed me, as a physician, to be 100% present for my patients"

Michelle Thompson, DO, family medicine specialist with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, on a smartphone-based generative AI tool that records, summarizes and organizes interactions with patients (source: The New York Times)

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