Top clinic owners trust the Clinic Boost Method for onboarding, training, and upskilling their non-medical teams to reach more preferred patients

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Trusted by owners of leading private clinics & hospitals across 26 countries, including:
and many, many more...

Private practice owner, clinic leadership, hospital management:

Overworked, overwhelmed, unsure if you can keep ahead of competitor clinics?

We know, we've been there. Hiring a new team member after a long search, only to have them learn from someone not meeting your standards, typically results in average performance. 

You know your team could do better. But you don’t have time or the nerves to do it. Every minute spend on training is you not earning money for the clinic.

If you're like us, you don't want more CPD points. You want more preferred patients who actually go ahead with treatment and recommend their family and friends.

We make this happen.

Easily upskill your team

Clinic Boost is a playbook for your whole non-medical team. Documentation, delegation, onboarding, and training in one place—everything you need to systemize and scale your clinic.

Instant training
and onboarding.

Access  processes
and SOPs from leading clinics

Certificate for each person who completes the program

All the scripts, templates, checklists and AI prompts you need

Delegate to us and regain your time and focus

Keep your best people and reduce turnover.


And watch your clinic grow 📈

Before/after results:

+54% treatments

+36% treatments

+90% treatments

+39% treatments

+84% treatments

+85% treatments


Clinic Boost Method

You can immediately enhance your non-medical team's skills with our program, ending with engaging tests and assignments. They earn a certificate upon completion.

Patient Acquisition

All the video training, scripts, checklists, AI prompts, tools and templates your team needs to:

  • boost patient recommendations to eliminate your marketing budget
  • use your existing patient lists to reach more new patients
  • start profitable partnerships with local & international companies
  • make your website and social media reach the most amount of patients possible
  • reach out to potential patients offline who've never heard of your clinic and turn them into your best patients
  • maximise any paid advertising that you're doing

and much, much more...

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Patient Journey

All the video training, scripts, checklists, AI prompts, tools and templates your team needs to:

  • reduce time waster messages so they can focus on the ones that matter 
  • make patient calls that build trust that turn into bookings in a non-salesy way
  • overcome patient obstacles (time, money, need)
  • setup the in-clinic consultation for maximum success
  • get more reviews and case studies to boost your marketing

and much, much more...

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Self-managing Team

All the video training, scripts, checklists, AI prompts, tools and templates you need to:

  • attract the best new candidates for your team
  • filter out unsuitable candidates
  • ask the questions that matter on the interview
  • onboard & train like the world's best clinics
  • build a dedicated team culture
  • keep the team accountable to growth everyday
  • discover new talents within your existing team

and much, much more...

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We're Daniel and Alex

Daniel Coulton Shaw started with a single dentist and nurse and scaled the clinic to 5.8M EUR revenue per year using the clinic boost systems.

He specializes in designing the core systems to maximize the patient experience and grow the team.

Alex Zakucia an experienced treatment coordinator who managed to book in 12 weeks over 250k EUR in treatment plans from patients who initially said no using clinic boost systems.

He specializes in maximizing the conversion from initial inquiry into a booked patient that refers.

Benefit from our expertise and skills without the costly airfare✈️

100s of top clinics and hospitals around the world have already benefitted from the Clinic Boost Method.

This is the first time, we are offering it as a standalone program accessible to all at this introductory price point.

As seen at:

Serving private clinics & hospitals for 15+ years.


Find the right plan for your clinic's team



  • access to all materials
  • progress tracking for one employee
  • certification for one employee
  • no contract, cancel anytime 
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  • access to all materials
  • progress tracking for unlimited employees
  • certification for unlimited employees
  • no contract, cancel anytime
  • 24/7 whatsapp group accountability
  • personalised weekly live coaching
  • call scoring
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Save 20% with yearly subscription

For clinics who prefer to pay by bank transfer we can offer you yearly subscription with 20% discount. Just talk with Alex.


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What is the Clinic Boost Method again?

Clinic Boost Method is a training platform that allows non-medical teams (think call centres, facilitators, receptionists, treatment coordinators, HR and marketing departments) to convert more potential leads into paying patients who go onto paid treatment plans and then recommend the clinic to their family & friends.

The Clinic Boost Method is trusted by many of the fastest-growing clinics & hospitals worldwide to power their patient acquisition, journey, and team.

Curious to see how the Clinic Boost Method can help you hit your clinic growth goals? Talk to Alex.

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