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We help receptionists to book more of the right type of patients (and less of those you don't want). 

No tech, no courses, guaranteed results.

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Good clinics don’t have a problem with new patient enquiries...

Most of the clinics we talk to have more than enough messages and calls from potential patients. The problem is that many of those enquiries are not suitable. And those who are suitable sometimes choose a different clinic in the end.

Marketing is not the problem of these clinics. They have an excellent reputation. More marketing is not going to solve it.

These clinics usually lack the best communication practices to increase the number of suitable patients that will go ahead with treatment. More importantly, decrease the unsuitable patients that will waste your time.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped 100s of clinics like yours (including our own) to improve the number of new patients that move onto consultation and treatment by 30-40% within 8-12 weeks.
No marketing, no software, no time commitment from you.

If that is something you’d want for your clinic, just click this button.

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"We learnt from the best there is in Europe."

Ognjen Bagatin
Bagatin Clinic (Croatia)

"I can say that this is one of the best marketing plans I've seen in my whole career, so many new, practical ideas."

Dr Fady Yaacoub
Medic8 (Lebanon)

"This can make a lot of difference."

Dr Dushyanth Paul
FMS Hospital (India)

"I gained so many insights."

Arek Buziewicz
Dentim Clinic (Poland)

"Practical. Many examples from clinics with the same problems, same aspirations as ours."

Bartosz Mrugacz
Bocian Clinic (Poland)

"Very useful and helpful to learn from the biggest clinics in Europe."

Dr Fabio Maltese
Dr Fabio Maltese Clinic (Italy)

"We'll use the information for sure to market our clinic."

Daniel Kodaj
Dr. Martin Clinic (Slovakia)

"Excellent and very beneficial to us."

Lucia Green
Concept Clinic (Slovakia)

"Full of practical, successful examples from other clinic owners."

Dariusz Wilisowski
Luxdentica (Poland)

"Perfect strategies and tactics on how to reach patients and it will definitely increase the growth of our international patients!"

Gunta Uspele
Health Cluster (Latvia)

"It was very impressive to be presented with new ideas because after 30 years in medicine you may think that you have seen it all and get "tunnel vision". So I'm very thankful that I am able to expand my knowledge of what's still possible for me to achieve."

Dr Frank Kannmann
HD Dental (Hungary)

"Amazing team, deeply committed with the customer."

José Quinteiro
Globallmed (Macau)

"You are incredibly good, very intelligent and competent team. You really do stand out. It was a pleasure for us to work with high-level people like you. We appreciate your invested time and efforts as well as all of the insight you shared, which will be of use in our future growth and development. "

Vassilena Ivanova
Impression Dent (Bulgaria)

We are working on a book for you

This is special. We are currently working on a book where you'll have all patient acquisition systems that we've collected on our journeys from 100+ clinics from 26+ countries. All best practices in one place. Everything we learned. We can't wait to share it with you when it's ready.

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We also have a podcast!

The Clinic Boost podcast covers quick-fire practical strategies & tactics of rapidly reaching new patients today, tested by some of the worlds leading clinics.

Alex & Daniel have over 13 years of experience in implementing new patient aquisition systems for clinics all over the world, and they are here now in audio format to help you grow wherever you are.

It's time to take your clinic from good to great.

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What’s next?

Just like you do with your patients, we start with diagnostics first. We’ll analyze your patient journey for free and share with you benchmarks so you can easily compare yourself to other clinics similar in your size. You’ll know your strenghts and weaknesses and have a clear next step to boost your numbers.


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