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Clinic Boost Method

Tomorrow's best practices for reaching new patients today.

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We know that majority of you will never implement what you'll read here.

Not because it's complicated but because you're too busy with day-to-day problem patients. We run our own dental practices, so we understand you😅

What worked for us the best is to have a dedicated person who has these 3 main functions:

  1. Tracks the progress daily 
  2. Holds the team accountable
  3. Identify the weakest link and support the team with the necessary resources to fix it asap.

As you can imagine, hiring and training an experienced person for this role is challenging and expensive.

That's why we've created a more accessible way of implementing the clinic boost method. You can hire us and expect these results:

You can schedule a call with us here to see if we would be a good fit for your team.

"You have helped us overcome so many issues that we are now flying through the patient calls and getting a great conversion result - this also means that Helen and I are now loving our jobs even more and being kept super busy😊"

Fusion Dentistry (UK)

"Thank You Daniel. Master Yoda of Dental business you are. 😁🏆"

Dr Leszek Owsinski
Denti (PL)

"I highly recommend clinic boost method for everyone wanting to increase his clinic's revenue and also improve his patients satisfaction. thank you very much. your efforts are highly appreciated."

Dr Ahmed Saeed
Wonders Dentistry (EG)

"We are glad for increased numbers. It's all your knowledge and support."

Mihai Ronai
Smart Dental (RO)

"Daniel and Alex. Thank you for your great assistance so far. Clinic boost method changed a lot in our practice."

Dr Martin Blaha
Blaha Dent (SK)

"We learnt from the best there is in Europe."

Ognjen Bagatin
Bagatin Clinic (Croatia)

"I can say that this is one of the best marketing plans I've seen in my whole career, so many new, practical ideas."

Dr Fady Yaacoub
Medic8 (Lebanon)

"This can make a lot of difference."

Dr Dushyanth Paul
FMS Hospital (India)

"I gained so many insights."

Arek Buziewicz
Dentim Clinic (Poland)

"Practical. Many examples from clinics with the same problems, same aspirations as ours."

Bartosz Mrugacz
Bocian Clinic (Poland)

"Very useful and helpful to learn from the biggest clinics in Europe."

Dr Fabio Maltese
Dr Fabio Maltese Clinic (Italy)

"We'll use the information for sure to market our clinic."

Daniel Kodaj
Dr. Martin Clinic (Slovakia)

"Excellent and very beneficial to us."

Lucia Green
Concept Clinic (Slovakia)

"Full of practical, successful examples from other clinic owners."

Dariusz Wilisowski
Luxdentica (Poland)

"Perfect strategies and tactics on how to reach patients and it will definitely increase the growth of our international patients!"

Gunta Uspele
Health Cluster (Latvia)

"It was very impressive to be presented with new ideas because after 30 years in medicine you may think that you have seen it all and get "tunnel vision". So I'm very thankful that I am able to expand my knowledge of what's still possible for me to achieve."

Dr Frank Kannmann
HD Dental (Hungary)

"Amazing team, deeply committed with the customer."

José Quinteiro
Globallmed (Macau)

"You are incredibly good, very intelligent and competent team. You really do stand out. It was a pleasure for us to work with high-level people like you. We appreciate your invested time and efforts as well as all of the insight you shared, which will be of use in our future growth and development. "

Vassilena Ivanova
Impression Dent (Bulgaria)

We also have a podcast!

The Clinic Boost podcast covers quick-fire practical strategies & tactics of rapidly reaching new patients today, tested by some of the worlds leading clinics.

Alex & Daniel have over 13 years of experience in implementing new patient aquisition systems for clinics all over the world, and they are here now in audio format to help you grow wherever you are.

It's time to take your clinic from good to great.

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Daniel Coulton Shaw started with a single dentist and nurse and scaled the clinic to 5.8M EUR revenue per year using the clinic boost systems.

He specializes in designing the core systems to maximize the patient experience and grow the team.

Alex Zakucia an experienced treatment coordinator who managed to book in 12 weeks over 250k EUR in treatment plans from patients who initially said no using clinic boost systems.

He specializes in maximizing the conversion from initial inquiry into a booked patient that refers.

As seen at:

We've led workshops at some of the leading healthcare & medical travel conferences throughout the world:

Video Testimonials

You can schedule a call with us here to see if we would be a good fit for your team.

How it works

After working with hundreds of the world's leading medical clinics, Daniel and Alex discovered that it was not more new patient leads that drove clinic growth but rather improving the patient journey.

Applying simple best practices, clinics saw an increase of over 30% in new patient consultations, patients going ahead with treatment, and patients referring to their family and friends in as little as 12 weeks - all without doing more marketing, installing any software, or hiring more people.

We focus on 5 simple areas that transform any type of clinic, whatever stage or size you are at. (there is always room for growth)

5 stages of patient experience






Frequently Asked Questions

You may be thinking…
But my clinic is different. You don't know my market.
You don't know my patients, my culture or the team I currently have.
You don't know my competition.
We can guarantee that these basic principles work across more than 90% of clinics.
It applies to other industries, not just private healthcare.
But we know every clinic has a unique situation, so even though the Clinic Boost strategies remain the same, we constantly adjust the tactics to your specific needs based on your numbers.

Look, we get it. You don't want to hire some guys that will tell your girls what to do, so they'll get angry.
You don't want to rock the boat.
That's why we believe the person who will communicate with us the most (usually the treatment coordinator or receptionist) should also decide whether they want to work with us.
We want to make sure that your girls will enjoy our collaboration.
Otherwise, it's not worth it.

We see many clinics just "spinning wheels", but the level of the clinic stays the same.
There is a saying: you can splash a lot in the water, but that doesn't mean you are swimming towards your goal.
Every clinic we work with is super busy. It's ultimately about saving you time. From tracking your numbers, we know the most efficient activities you should do today to grow your clinic.
In short, it's not about working hard but about working smart.

It all sounds great but just like before. You had great advice.
When you go to a medical (dental) conference and learn something outstanding, get excited about it, but never do it when you return to the clinic regularly - even if you know it would have helped you.
That's why we have weekly accountability built into the program.
Usually, every Friday, we'll have a live zoom call with your patient manager/treatment coordinator to ensure best practices are implemented.
You know your patient managers deserve more attention from you. We give it to them on your behalf.

Maybe you have a local consultant or a clinic manager who you believe should do what we've just discussed.
Do they? Could they?
Can you find someone with experience and ready-made templates and sheets from 100s of top clinics worldwide?
We think it's a good idea to have a person dedicated to new patients, but you should give them the best tools, coaching and accountability so they can perform at their best.

We can provide that for you.

300€/week, cancel anytime. We've had clients with us for a couple of weeks or clients for years. It's really up to you.

We work with your existing team with no added marketing. We just need a receptionist or a patient manager type of person to communicate with.

No worries. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. If something already works, we don't touch it. We only improve your weaker areas.

While the main training is in English, the scripts, templates and checklists can all be translated into your local language if necessary. If needed, we can hire a translator for all live video calls at our expense.

We hear this often, and when we dig deeper, the team is too busy to grow.

CBM turns this around to ensure your clinic can make more from a selected choice of patients.
Along with improving your revenue, it enhances the team's culture and frees up team time.

We won't recommend you what we think, we use your numbers to help us guide your decisions and we'll only recommend you what we know works in other clinics around the world.

So have we. And we said: We wouldn't do it again.
We can't expect you to trust us if you haven't worked with us yet.

So here's the deal:
You sign-up for the first 2 weeks with us, and if you don't like it for whatever reason, we'll give you the money back.

Having said that, Clinic Boost is not a magic fix. There will be struggles to implement our best practices, so we provide 24/7 communication accountability with your team to make sure that the transition to be even greater clinic is as easy as possible.


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