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Only 2 Ways To Reach More High-Value Patients

marketing Feb 02, 2022

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Dear clinic owner/manager,

Thank you for reading this. I know our time is valuable and I will do my very best to earn your trust by getting straight to the point.

So, the purpose of this blog post is to share with you in less than 5 minutes with 5 simple images, exactly what you can be doing right now as a clinic to reach more new and high-value patients.

Think of it as getting an "MBA in Clinic Marketing" and explain it in such a way that even a 12-year-old, a non-English speaker can understand it.


Before we get started, (and because I really want you to take this information seriously) please allow me a moment to briefly introduce myself.

I am the co-founder of a relatively successful dental clinic, (5 doctors / 5 million euros per year) with learnings from 13 years of consulting for more than 126 clinics both small & large across 26 countries to increase their revenue, reputation & results collectively by over 31% - yes, even during the COVID pandemic & lockdowns.

During those years, I too have been confused & misguided in the past about how best to reach new patients, thinking that there are so many different ways to choose from.

I was wrong.

I want to save you from the same mistakes.

So here it is:

No matter what "marketing agencies" and "business growth consultants" want you to believe...

There are only 2 ways to get your clinic more new or high-value patients...

Only 2 Ways

Yes, just 2. And that would be to:

1. Do Marketing (nothing new here, apart from the fact that there are just 6 sources of new patient inquiries for you to focus on, so easy to do, and just 1.5 of those strategies cost real money, (1.5. is not a typo, I'll cover that later)


2. Optimize The New Patient Journey (most clinics overlook this, but it is even easier to get more patients this way - and there are only 5 things to look at which I'll cover later)

Ideally, you're doing both.

But, unless you've just opened your doors to your very first patient just a few weeks ago, or no matter if you have just:



or 1000 patients per week in your clinic,

I'd start with:

The 5 Step Patient Journey


Why new patient journey first?

Well, it's fully under your control (unlike regular marketing), costs you nothing but a little time, and will bring immediate results with the patients who are contacting you right now.

DO THIS! Look at the conversion percentages between those 5 stages. Think about what you can do to improve them and you'll get more new patients instantly, like this...

What Would This Look Like?

Let's now take those same example new patient numbers and apply our Clinic Boost Method to them:

page7image35008704 page7image34999136
Increasing your new patient numbers WITHOUT doing more marketing, hiring more people, or working more.

Can you see the benefit of this? It might seem small but we just more than doubled your revenue.

 So many potential patients are lost along the way. Ask yourself, is it because those patients decided not to have treatment at all? Maybe. But in the majority of cases, those potential patients will choose another clinic instead.

Like in medicine, often you need to restore before you improve and move on to...

The 6 Patient Acquisition Sources

DO THIS! And look at the new patient numbers from:
  1. patient referrals, and ONLY then move up to
  2. follow-ups
  3. partnerships
  4. online visibility
  5. offline visibility
  6. paid ads

ONLY when you have full confidence that each strategy is working well for you. Understood?

What Would This Look Like?

Let's now take those same example new patient numbers and apply our Clinic Boost Method to them:

Improved 5 Stages Of The New Patient Journey:
Improved The 6 Patient Acquisition Sources: