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Clinic Admin Teams - What could you monitor & measure to improve?

Aug 26, 2021
what you should you be tracking at the dental clinic front desk?

There is no shortage of ideas of what to measure in the world of patient relationship management, so how do you focus on "what matters most?"

In my opinion, the best patient relationship management software out there for the admin team (but I have never found anything like this yet :-)  would track things such as:

  • number of patient messages
    • (for example emails, form submissions, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat messages - basically any written type of conversation created)
  • average time per message
  • average time to answer each message
  • number of patient calls
    • (I consider "walk-ins" & video meetings as a call for sake of simplicity - basically, any "verbal" type of conversation done) 
  • average time per call
  • estimated treatment plan value of patient
  • number of messages/calls per patient
  • number of booked diagnostic/consultation sessions
  • number of cancellations
  • number of no-shows to scheduled appointments
  • average time per patient on the front desk
  • average waiting time of patient
  • number of complaints
  • number of patients coming in through the 6 sources of new patients
    • (referrals, follow-ups/recalls, partnerships, online content, offline content, paid ads)
  • the time taken to pick up each call
  • number of missed calls/chats
  • busiest day/time of the week
  • the volume of communication by channel
  • first enquiry to booking time
  • satisfaction scores on your communication

and then create useful reports of it all with action steps to complete to improve those numbers.

But with so much data, it's hard to make simple decisions on what to improve, especially when you're so busy already.

One of my mentors - Alex Hormozi says: "simple scales, fancy fails" and my experience in working with 100's of clinics throughout the world tells me it's true. In fact, the best results that we've seen through Clinic Boost are through looking at these simple 5 stages of the new patient journey:

  1. Number of NEW patient messages
  2. Numbers of NEW patient calls
  3. Number of NEW diagnostic/consultation sessions
  4. Number of NEW patients starting a treatment plan
  5. Number of patients referring new patients to your clinic

...and collecting those numbers every day, and comparing them every week, month & quarter.

The best software to do it? In fact, it's a simple piece of paper with numbers on it, then you put those numbers into a simple spreadsheet at the end of the day for each admin team member.

This list should hopefully trigger some thoughts about what you measure currently, and how to make use of it to drive your clinic growth.

If you'd like us to train your team on how to track and assess that simple spreadsheet I mentioned, you can do that for just €200. Contact us to find out more.

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