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Clinic Boost

Clinic Boost

Hosted by: Daniel Coulton Shaw & Alex Zakucia

The Clinic Boost podcast covers quick-fire practical strategies & tactics of rapidly reaching new patients today, tested by some of the worlds leading clinics.Regardless of wherever your clinic currently stands,...


Your receptionist is leaving the team next Tuesday. What now?

Season #1

Your old receptionist would probably teach the new hire their old habits with mistakes. The best practice is to record videos on all standard operating procedures and put them somewhere where you can share them with...
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Perfect Contact Form

Season #1

Always drive every patient enquiry to the call first.  But there are still some that do not want to call, or they are not ready yet. To capture those potential patients as well, you need a contact form. Most forms we...
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Only 2 Ways To Reach More High-Value Patients

Season #1 Episode #37

IntroductionDear clinic owner/manager,Thank you for reading this. I know our time is valuable and I will do my very best to earn your trust by getting straight to the point.So, the purpose of this blog post is to...
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The ultimate self-managing clinic system - Quarterly review

Season #1 Episode #36

Do you remember the last "great idea" that you tried to implement in your clinic?How did it turn out? Take a moment to think right now about the last "big improvement" that you thought about but never managed to...
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You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

Season #1 Episode #35

(That's a quote by James Clear from a great book Atomic Habits.)When I talk to clinics they usually belong to one of these 3 groups:1. FreestyleThey have vague goals. Just doing day to day work, hoping things will get...
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Forget CRM

Season #1 Episode #34

When you are tracking your patient journey numbers (such as messages, calls, consults...etc) don't rely on the automatic log of activities in your CRM.Make your admin team log it manually as well. It helps them to:-...
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5 ways of attracting top talent to your clinic

Season #1 Episode #33

Here we explain how we look at hiring and how it closely mirrors the patient journey.Messages - receiving lot's of CV's into your inboxCalls - discovering if they are potential fit for your clinicConsults = Interviews...
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How does a patient experience your clinic?

Season #1 Episode #32

A good thought excersise is to simply a pick a patient who visited your clinic today and think about how they experienced your patient journey.Does it match how you want it to be for the majority of your...
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Why are clinic owners/managers so reactive?

Season #1 Episode #31

Here's a brief summary:Importance of being proactive vs reactive, by taking 5m a day to look at:the way your calendar is and the way you want it to becomethe way your numbers are and the way you want them to...
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Clinic marketing is like a game. How do you win?

Season #1 Episode #30

If you don't roll the dice at all (i.e. do marketing) you will loose.There are 6 results you can get, when you roll (i.e. do marketing).You might think that the goal is to only roll the highest possible result.But the...
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4 types of marketing for your clinic you never thought about

Season #1 Episode #29

Marketing to:1. new potential patients2. existing patients3. new potential team members4. existing team members
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5 tips on how to increase the price of your treatments

Season #1 Episode #28

Apart from making more profit, obviously. The main goal of increasing pricing is to provide a better service to your patients and have less stress in the clinic.More patients doesn't always equal more profit.Don't...
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