Perfect Contact Form

Season #1

Always drive every patient enquiry to the call first. 

But there are still some that do not want to call, or they are not ready yet. To capture those potential patients as well, you need a contact form.

Most forms we see on the clinic's websites are not that good. Usually, name, email, and sometimes phone, which people put the fake phone number. Yeah. 

That information you're going to get from that potential patient is going to be weak. And also, you're not proving your quality as a clinic of excellence through the form, which you can do if you set up the series of questions correctly. 

The more questions you add to the contact form, the fewer enquiries you'll get, but they will be of higher quality.

The perfect form needs three qualifiers, which are need, time and money. 

  1. What type of treatment do they need?
  2. When do they want this treatment to be done?
  3. Would you require financing to pay for this treatment? or Would you like to prepay to book your consultation ahead?

Based on the answers, you can score enquiries. Your non-medical team should prioritise high-score enquiries (e.g. needs high-value treatment, needs it now and have money to pay for it).

Lastly, add your contact form link to all your social media and third-party profiles instead of your homepage.

We've created a template contact form you can copy and implement in your clinic. You can grab it for free in our facebook group here: