How does a patient experience your clinic?

Season #1 Episode #32

A good thought excersise is to simply a pick a patient who visited your clinic today and think about how they experienced your patient journey.

Does it match how you want it to be for the majority of your patients?

Let's say potential patient decided to write you a message.
- Have you engaged them in conversation or just send them big templated response?
- How quickly have you responded?

Then you call with them.
- Are you listening or talking too much? (80% of talking should be done by potential patient)
- Have you identified their true pains and needs?

They book a consultation.
- Are they greeted when they enter your premises?
- Coffee/tea served?

They go for treatment.
- Everything explained before? (fear of unknown)
- How long did they wait?

Post-op consultation
- After-care package?
- Did they give you review/testimonial?