Clinic Boost

Clinic Boost

Hosted by: Daniel Coulton Shaw & Alex Zakucia

The Clinic Boost podcast covers quick-fire practical strategies & tactics of rapidly reaching new patients today, tested by some of the worlds leading clinics.Regardless of wherever your clinic currently stands,...


3 things every new receptionist should do (and old ones too:)

Season #1 Episode #27

1. Daily reporting- how many calls?- how many messages? - what are the results?2. Objections diaryEvery time someone doesn't book consult, write the reason down. You will soon find out there only couple variations of...
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Don't reveal price on the phone

Season #1 Episode #26

Common mistake that we see many clinics do is revealing the price of the treatment too early.Sometimes they say it straight in the first message and sometimes on the call.It's important to realize you're making it way...
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3 reasons why your admin team is not doing as well as they could

Season #1 Episode #25

Don't know what you want (communication)Don't know how to do (training)Don't want to do it (motivation)
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4 questions for your weekly meetings

Season #1 Episode #24

Look at your numbers 5m/day and have 15m weekly meetings about the numbers and ask these questions:What was good?What was bad?What did you learn?What will you do differently?
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3 signs of a top notch clinic

Season #1 Episode #23

1. Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) vs Possibly Important Goals (PIGs)They have specific goals with deadline.2. Pro vs AmateurThey know their exact numbers and can make good decisions because of them.3. AcquisitionTheir...
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Scrolling vs Searching

Season #1 Episode #22

Daniel & Alex discuss difference in marketing to someone who needs a treatment vs someone who wants it.
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Who's picking up your phone when you are closed?

Season #1 Episode #21

Just increasing your availability can sometimes grow your business much more effectively than doing paid ads.
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Where to focus your marketing resources

Season #1 Episode #20

Daniel & Alex discuss where to focus your marketing resources. How to identify "hot spots" that are producing you disproportionate results.
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Do you market to your existing patients and employees?

Season #1 Episode #19

Daniel & Alex discuss the importance and benefits of marketing not only to cold audience but also to your existing patients and employees.
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Don't wait

Season #1 Episode #18

Daniel & Alex discuss how imperative is to always take action even during pandemic.
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Recipe for your clinic

Season #1 Episode #17

What is a system? How many things you should improve at once? To find out answers to these questions, listen to this episode.
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Season #1 Episode #16

Daniel & Alex discuss the importance of systems to get results in a medical practice.
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