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About Clinic Boost Method

You are an expert at what you do. We are experts at making sure that your non-medical team and systems are at that same world class level.

We've also spoken and led workshops at some of the leading healthcare & medical travel conferences throughout the world:

15 years, 26 countries

With over 15 years of experience with private medical clinics of all sizes across 26 countries, Clinic Boost works closely with your admin team. We help improve their performance and implement proven "best practices" that increase new patient flow and drive the growth of your clinic to record numbers.

There's no management theory, wild ideas, or "magic pills" here - just tested, easy-to-implement systems that simply work well.


Daniel Coulton Shaw started with a single dentist and nurse and scaled the clinic to 5.8M EUR revenue per year using the clinic boost systems.

He specializes in designing the core systems to maximize the patient experience and grow the team.

Alex Zakucia an experienced treatment coordinator who managed to book in 12 weeks over 250k EUR in treatment plans from patients who initially said no using clinic boost systems.

He specializes in maximizing the conversion from initial inquiry into a booked patient that refers.

Our Mission:

To provide clinics around the world with the "best practices" they need to transform more lives.

"Our job at clinic boost is to help your clinic and its team get as close to its maximum potential as possible. We promise to do everything in our power to support that aim."

Daniel & Alex

Our 5 key tenets

These are the standards we hold ourselves to, we expect the same from the clinics we work with:

Be consistent

Do the boring work

Own it

Be fully responsible


on what you can control

Simple Action

simple gets done

Grow Fast

go the extra mile

What’s next?

Just like you do with your patients, we start with diagnostics first. We’ll analyze your patient journey for free and share with you benchmarks so you can easily compare yourself to other clinics similar in your size. You’ll know your strenghts and weaknesses and have a clear next step to boost your numbers.


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