How it works

Discovery Call

Even though our frameworks work for many clinics, no clinic is the same. We want to make sure CBM works for you. That's why we'll ask you couple of questions to find out where you are currently and if needed we'll invite you to do...


Just like you would never agree to start treatment on a patient without doing diagnostics first, we begin by finding out the current state of your new patient flow by asking you for 5 simple numbers.

If you don't have the numbers, don't worry, most clinics don't. We'll provide training and scoresheet which you'll use for 2 weeks to put the numbers together.

This creates a "diagnostic" image of your new patient flow from which we can assess and make a...

Strategy Session

Now that we can both see what we have to work with, you will have a strategy session with us where we'll discuss a personalized, evidence-based "treatment plan" for your clinic.

What's more we'll give you benchmarks so you compare your numbers to similarly sized clinics.

If you like our proposed plan, then we'll invite you to...


The Core of the Clinic Boost Method


From these numbers each week we can identify the single most important area that will cause the greatest amount of growth and that becomes our focus of the week.


A collection of best practices from the world's leading clinics.

You'll have access to a combination of live feedback video, scripts, templates, video trainings and live calls as we work together with your admin team to enhance their results.


Ensure that those systems remain healthy & improve each week.

We're available 24/7 through whatsapp to help with any obstacle your team may face. Weekly Check-Up calls with your admin team and Monthly Check-Up with your leadership make sure that we are on track of reaching your targets.

Quarterly Assessment

Together with your leadership team we'll look back at what worked, what didn't, what did you learn over the past 12 weeks and what you'll do different in the next 12 weeks to come.

This ensures that every time your target is achieved, even higher ones are set.



Hundreds of top private clinics around the world are using these systems. Their owners are getting more of what they want from their clinic, and you can too. What is it about CBM that makes it work so well in a small to midsize clinic?


CBM is made up of simple concepts and practical tools that can be easily applied in a fast-paced clinic environment. There’s no theory, no management fads – just basic, useful tools that help people get more of the right stuff done every week.


CBM doesn’t treat symptoms – it helps you cure the “whole body” by strengthening the Four Key Components of your clinic's business side – Diagnostics, Acquisition, Journey, Team.


By helping you and your non-medical team focus on the “root cause” of your issues - CBM takes you below the surface to produce real, permanent change.


CBM is a simple framework for defining what’s important, who owns it, and exactly what success looks like. With every member of your non-medical team accountable for a handful of goals and numbers, you’ll get consistently better results.

What’s next?

Just like you do with your patients, we start with diagnostics first. We’ll analyze your patient journey for free and share with you benchmarks so you can easily compare yourself to other clinics similar in your size. You’ll know your strengths and weaknesses and have a clear next step to boost your numbers.

Experience how easy it is to get started with #clinicboost - and see ROI in the first 30 days of implementation.


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