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Here are some answers to the questions we get most frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's quite simple. It gives you systems that are used by top clinics in the world. 

To ensure that these systems are implemented we give you weekly accountability.

And of course to see if the new system is actually growing your clinic we track it's performance.

Everything you need in one nice package.

  • Tracking: daily tracking of your KPIs (key performance indicators) with customized video feedback
  • Tools: full-video portal, access to all our scripts, checklists, templates
  • Accountability: Weekly live zoom calls, whatsapp messaging

You may be thinking…

But my clinic is different, you don’t know my market.

You don’t know my patients, my culture or the team I currently have.

You don’t know my competition.

We can guarantee that these basic principles work across more than 90% of clinics. 

In fact, it applies to other industries, not just private healthcare.

But we know every clinic has a unique situation, so even though the Clinic Boost strategies remain the same, we always adjust the tactics to your specific needs based on your numbers.

We see many clinics just "spinning wheels" but at the end of the day their revenue is stale. 

There is a saying: you can splash a lot in the water but that doesn't mean you are swimming towards your goal.

Every clinic we work with is super busy. It's ultimately about saving you time. From tracking your numbers we know what are the most efficient activities you should do today to grow your clinic.

In short it's not about working hard but about working smart.

It all sounds great but just like before, you had great advice.

You know when you go to a medical (dental) conference and learn something really good, get excited about it, but never really do it when you came back to the clinic on a regular basis - even if you know it would have really helped you.

That's why we have weekly accountability built in to the program. 

Usually every Friday we'll have a live zoom call with your patient manager/treatment coordinator to ensure best practices are implemented.

You know your patient managers deserve more attention from you. We give it to them in your behalf...

Maybe you have a local consultant or simply a clinic manager that you believe should do what we’ve just talked about.

Do they? Could they?

Do you think you can find someone with experience and ready made templates and sheets from 100s of top clinics around the world?

We actually think it’s a good idea to have a person dedicated to new patients but you should give them the best tools, coaching and accountability so they can perform at their best.

We can provide that for you.

200€/week, cancel anytime.

We work with your existing team, no added marketing. We just need a receptionist or a patient manager type of person to communicate with.

No worries, we don't want to reinvent the wheel. If something already works, we don't touch it. We only improve your weaker areas.

While the main training is in english, the scripts, templates and checklists can all be translated to your local language if neccessary.

We hear this often and when we dig deeper we are told by the team that they are too busy and they are not earning as much as they would like for their efforts.

CBM turns this around to ensure your clinic is able to make more from selected choice of patients - we've got the numbers to prove it.

If your clinic meets our requirements you've really got no excuse. We've taught these strategies to 12 year old non-english speaking kids who went on to win an award for innovation with their business idea in 90 days.

Absolutely, that's the surefire way how to loose potential patient. When it comes to high value patients we believe the best conversion systems are the ones that use pulling instead of pushing.

What’s next?

Just like you do with your patients, we start with diagnostics first. We’ll analyze your patient journey for free and share with you benchmarks so you can easily compare yourself to other clinics similar in your size. You’ll know your strenghts and weaknesses and have a clear next step to boost your numbers.


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